Safety Guide for Using Space Heaters in Room


Portable room heaters are really handy and easy to deal with. All you have to do is place it in the place of your choice and enjoy the warm heat. You can easily Buy a Room Heater Online

and stay warm in cold winters. Whether its portable or non-portable there are some precautions that one must take while using a heater. Here are some important tips that you should follow:

  • Place the Heater in the Right Place

It is important that you put the heater in right place. As they emit a lot of heat it becomes important to be careful around them. If they come in contact with to hot-surface they can possess the risk of fire. So, it is usually suggested that the space heater should be kept at least 3 feet away from the furniture, clothes, paper, rugs, bedding, or any other easily combustible item. It is also essential that you never cover the heater with a drape or put anything on top of it. Additionally always make sure that you have kept the portable heater on a hard level surface.

  • Regularly Maintain Your Purchase

You have to frequently clean and maintain the heater to ensure that it is working safely. The occasional inspection of the device is also imperative to avoid any circumstantial accidents. Never ever use a defective heater as it can go haywire anytime and possess a threat to the family. If your old heater is causing problems replace it with a new one instead of fixing it. If it's possible wiping off the dust from the heater would also help in removing the allergies that may be dispersing around due to the switching on the heater.

Look for safety features

There are many heaters available in the market that comes with a number of safety features. Some of the features that you should look into are

1. Tip-over safety switch- If your heater has this feature then it will automatically shut down when it gets knocked off accidentally. If you want to be extra cautious then don't keep a heater on a place from where it can fall easily.

2. Overheat protection

The heaters which have this feature on it have an inbuilt safety fuse. So, when the heater starts to heat over a specific limit the fuse link get disconnected from the heater and ensures the safety of everyone.

3.Cool-touch cabinet and grilled- As the name implies it is the safety feature that allows the user to touch the other surface of the heater without getting hurt. The grills outside the heater are safe even for kids to play around.

4. Auto- Shut-Off- This is the best feature that every heater must have. With this, you don't have to worry about getting up from your comfortable place to turn off the heater. Most importantly if you forget to turn it off there would be no problem.

5.Stable base- Many of us don't think about the base of the heater before buying it. But it is actually important that you find a heater who's base doesn't easily tip over.

Keep the water at bay

It might sound very convenient to have a heater in the bathroom but it is just a bad idea to place it in a damp space. Unless they are designed for damp spaces don't use it in the bathrooms or any other humid places. Also, don operate them if you have wet hands as it increases the chances of electric shocks. There are many heaters that come with GFCI plugs that make them easy to use for bathrooms.

Check the plugs

The plugs of the heaters tend to get hot if they are not fitted into the outlet correctly. This hot switch can trip over some time and add to your current problems. So, if you find the plug being more heated up then usual then call a repairman and get it fixed.

Lastly, if you are looking for a room heater just make sure that you buy one with good quality. As when it comes to your family's safety there is no harm in being extravagant. The online stores can provide you some of the best heater with specific features. So, you can easily make a buying decision.