Simple Tricks To Dress Perfectly This Wedding Season


Wedding season has already arrived and we all know Indian weddings are not a "one-day" stuff. It involves a lot of rituals. Therefore, it's your responsibility to keep yourself updated with all the occasions. Whether be haldi, from a large number of Women's Clothing Online collection.Mehendi or finally the wedding day, you get a plenty of opportunities to dress on. You can choose 

It is obvious to be surrounded by the questions while choosing the perfect dress for yourself. As your dressing throws a lot of impact on others, so a good choice is a must.

Suggesting a simple trick to dress perfectly is somewhat difficult because everyone has the different sense of dressing. But, you can follow some simple steps to rock this wedding season.

Don't Ignore The Color For Sure

India is diverse country, so while talking about the colors everyone has the different perspective. Like, you are not allowed to wear something in purely white color while coming to north India as it signifies to mourning. But, while moving towards the south you are definitely independent to choose this color as South Indian bride totally dress up with white colored sarees. Also, most of the Kanchipuram sarees are of mixed white colors. The same concept also works with the black color. But, the thing is black is a classy color and goes with all. You can carry gold jewelry with your black suit or saree to put all the eyes on you.

While dressing yourself, remember a thumb rule of avoiding something skimpy and revealing. However, to avoid confusion neutral colors are always the best to choose. These create the perfect ideas to gel yourself with the crowd while also setting you apart from the rest. Without going with the regular red or maroon, you can opt for some different colors like sea green, magenta pink, velvet purple and so on.

Not on a Budget? Then Set in Budget!!

Not getting the point? Let me explain.

Everyone cannot afford that 24 Kalis lehenga and not everyone likes it. So, what to do? Well, 60% of your lehenga look depends upon the fabric you chose. If your lehenga is straight, but you don't want to spend more on extra Kalis, then for sure go for the can-can underneath your lehenga. It will make your lehenga look fluffy and attractive.

How to Make it Right For Different Occasions

Every Indian wedding involves a lot of functions and each occasion demands a different version of you. So how to make it right?

Generally, haldi and Mehendi is the occasion that falls on the same day. Both these occasions do not require much of show off. You have to keep it simple by picking some organic colors. Go for orange, yellow or some pastel colors as these are the colors of the occasion. However, you can play with the jewelry as they will best compliment with your dress. Floral and metal accessories are perfect for the occasion as without doing much it keeps you attractive.

Come Out From Your Casual Zone

It is not necessary to keep yourself casual all the time. You are not going to attend your friend's birthday party. After all, it's the wedding season. Avoid dressing too casual. Being simple and casual all the time is not necessary. Remember you are not going to attend a friend's birthday party or a Christmas Eve. The wedding is something different and so your dressing should be. Don't go with cotton Kurtis or your regular outfits. Instead, you can prefer silk Kurtis which are really eye catching for pre-wedding events.

Being the couple's family member, you are the someone to carry the responsibility of the wedding so you need to dress in something comfortable. Try to pick something attractive also keeping you comfortable. Include these factors in your dressing style and the rest is your outstanding look for all.

Don't Skip the Accessories

Accessories are something that always compliments your dress. If you are only thinking about the dress to wear then you might be in major awe. If you are a kinda women who avoid wearing accessories, then surely go for a single gold pendant. However, if you are wearing saree or lehenga, don't forget to accessorize yourself completely. Some basics are wearing jhumkas or baalis for ears and least a couple of bangles for that desi touch.

Metal accessories are also on trend nowadays. But carrying them on the wedding day does not create any sense. Prefer, gold or silver jewelry on the eve as this would give a complete sense to your dressing.

By following these tricks surely you would be able to dress within budget.