Winter is Here !! A Guide to Staying Healthy During the Chills


As the temperature drops, we suddenly fall in love with our warm bed. We shut our windows and like to stay behind closed doors. If your immune system is not up to the par you can suffer some serious health issues during this season. The main reason behind the increase in health issue during winters is biological. With exposure to cold temperatures, our blood vessels experience constriction that reduces the blood flow to our body. As a result, our immune system gets affected the most. So, not only the cold weather but even a simple handshake could cause some serious issues to our health.

Here is your Guide to Ward Off the Threat of Cold or Flu and Improve Your Immunity System:-

Sleep Well

We all know how an incomplete sleep could affect our mood in winters the sleep deprivation can worsen our problems. It can cause our body to go in a proinflammatory state within a few days of improper sleep. So, it becomes essential for us to get a good night sleep as it will build our immunity for the chilly season.

Exercise regularly

According to a study regular exercise has positive effects on our immune system. It lowers the possibility of getting sick during the winter. Plus the heat produced in the body will make you active in the chilly days.

Special focus on the diet

In the winters we usually get tempted to have hot fried food. As it tastes so good in the chilly weather, we can not think of stopping at just one. Give your body some break from all the junk and choose hot soups, and stews made of winter vegetables, You will be surprised how comforting they can be during the cold weather.

Foods that are rich in vitamin c are known to increase the immunity system. So, increase your intake of citrus fruits and vegetables that are rich in this vitamin. You can make your own healthy tonic by mixing some carrots, spinach, and lemon.

Keep the hands at bay !!

Our hands are known to carry maximum germs, and it is one of the reasons why we are told to keep our hands clean. During the winters it becomes really important to keep them cleaner as the harmful germs can further weaken our immunity system. If it is not possible to wash hands with water you can buy a hand sanitizer and use it regularly. Also, when you are eating your food try to use more of spoon & fork and less of hands. With Amazon, you can buy good quality hand sanitizers at the best price.

Drink a lot of water

During the cold weather, we forget to drink enough water and this habit can cause some serious side effects. Muscle fatigue, dehydration, cramps, exhaustion they are just some of the problems that arise out of water deprivation in our body. Also, it makes the skin dry & itchy, so drink plenty of water during the harsh winters to look vibrant. 7 New Year Resolutions for College Students that Everyone Should Follow

These are some of the few simple habits that you can inculcate in your lifestyle and enjoy a happy and healthy winter.